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Sunglow Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko

ID: 186.STA-M

Sunglow tremper albino leopard gecko

Tremper albino leopard geckos are by far the most popular strain of albinos in leopard geckos. The vast amount of them across the globe has seen the colouration outshine the rainwater and bell albino strain. Geckos like the sunglow tremper albino can vary in colour and price with the brightest ones selling for more. Breeding in Europe has seen the tail become almost 100% carrot tail and even the under belly of the sunglow becoming tangerine as well.

I have a number of Sunglow Tremper albinos in my collection. If you would like to find out more please contact me by email phil@

Delivery by animal courier in the UK is £25. Collection from Cambridge, Doncaster, Houten, Hamm, Arras, Hassult, or Gent is free.

For further information you can also contact me on Facebook. Cambridge Gecko Facebook


Zorro Bandit Leopard gecko

ID: 15.ZB-F

Zorro Bandit leopard gecko

Bandits have been around for a while now but they are still as popular as when they were first discovered. You can line breed zorro bandits for all varieties of bold black, stripes and nose bands. Always an interesting project to see how bold you can get your zorro bandits.

Ron Tremper has been breeding Bandits since 1995 and still breeds some quality bandits today.

Ron Tremper Bandits

Delivery by animal courier in the UK is £25. Collection from Cambridge, Doncaster, Houten, Hamm, Arras, Hassalt, or Gent is free. World wide shipping available.

For further information please email me phil@ or via facebook. Cambridge Gecko Facebook


White and yellow marble eye leopard gecko


White and Yellow marble eye leopard gecko

This is a cool combination of the white and yellow gene and the marble eye. Awesome crisp pattern with marble eyes and pied feet.

You can see more about White and Yellows on my Facebook page.



Sonic Typhoon Leopard Gecko

ID: SonicTY

Sonic Typhoon Leopard Gecko

A sonic typhoon leopard gecko is a line bred tangerine rainwater albino with eclipse eyes. The Sonic Rainwater has been line bred by myself for a gorgeous bright orange pattern over a light yellow body. The best examples have a jungle tangerine pattern on the body and head and some have a cool orange nose band. The name Typhoon is a combination morph of the Rainwater albino and an eclipse eyed leopard gecko.

You can find out more about the Sonic Rainwaters on my Facebook page.


Eublepharius Hardwickii

ID: SonicTY

Eublepharius Hardwickii

Rarely available in the UK this awesome species is a pleasure to own and breed. There are no known mutations of the Hardwickii but that doesn’t mean that one day there wont be. Hardwickii’s are very easy to keep as there set up is similar to both Leopard Gecko and African fat tailed geckos. For more information please feel free to contact me.

Check Wikipedia for more information

Delivery by animal courier in the UK is £25 or collection from Cambridge, Doncaster, Houten Holland or Hamm Germany is free.


African Fat Tail

ID: African Fat Tail

leopard gecko

ID: number

If you are interested in any Electric Leopard Geckos i will be breeding please contact me on facebook. Cambridge Gecko Facebook page.

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